PURITY PUMP: independent production, global quality

During the construction of the factory, Purity has built an in-depth automation equipment layout, continuously introduced foreign advanced manufacturing equipment for parts processing, quality testing, etc., and strictly implemented the modern enterprise 5S management system to improve production efficiency and integrate domestically produced products. The production cycle is firmly controlled within 1-3 days to meet user supply needs.

Picture | Purity Factory

Three major factories, division of labor, standardized production and management

Purity now has three major production plants in Wenlin, the hometown of water pumps, which carry out standardized production according to different production functions.
The precision factory area introduces foreign high-precision intelligent equipment to accurately control the machining accuracy of the pump shaft, greatly improving the operational stability of the pump and extending its durability and life. In addition, the precision factory area is also responsible for the production of upper and lower end caps, rotor finishing and other accessories, providing continuous support for pump assembly.